Hidro Water participates in the international wine event ENOMAQ 2017

Hidro Water has attended the last edition of the fair ENOMAQ, the international hall of machinery and equipment for wineries and the bottling of wine that was held in Zaragoza.


From our industrial department we always strive to be at the forefront in everything related with filtration treatments, decantation … not only water itself, but also other substances of the food or pharmaceutical sector.

ENOMAQ has been the perfect place to expose our industrial products, essential for wine production.

The fair has been a great success since it was visited by more than 26,000 professionals from 33 different nationalities.

Our displayed products were:

Wine treatment:

  • Tartaric stabilisation of wines by membranes
  • Filtration (coils, bags, candles, housings, cartridges, cloth, etc. For)
  • Microbiologic filtering
  • Tangential filtration
  • Polishing filters
  • Earth filters
  • Wine dealcoholisation plants
  • Enocianine extraction plants
  • Processors for clarification of wines and musts
  • Fruit juice treatment (equipment for)
  • Ultrafiltration

Reservoirs and other containers:

  • Immersable agitators for tanks
  • Plastic reservoirs
  • Polyester containers
  • Polyethylene containers
  • Flowmeters
  • Level meters

 Conditioning, projects and winegrowing auxiliary trade:

  • Stirrers
  • Water sterilizers
  • Ozonizers