nueva osmosis nora

New reverse osmosis NORA, you will not drink without it

NORA, a small investment in your health and well-being

Enjoying pure water at home is far less expensive of what you could imagine. With a compe­titive price and a compact design which fits in any space, Nora is the reverse osmosis device perfect for you. The smart choice to supply your house with a low salt content water.

osmosis nora
osmosis nora


Saving: Nora fulfils your expectat­ions with an affordable price. The quality of the water supplied will prevent from any future faults of your coffee machine and other household appliances.

Purity: Low salt content water coming out from your faucet, as it removes between 96 to 97,5% of the dissolved salts.

Comfort: So compact you will only no­tice its benefits, a high flow of the purest water just by opening the tap. In addit­ion, the installa­tion and maintenance are simple and without further costs.

Health: You will not only not­ice a great improvement in the water’s taste and quality in short term, but also its long term benefits for your organism.

Design: Its high capacity storage tank is perfectly integrated in its compact design, which allows it to be hidden inside your cupboards where other equipment would not fit.


  • High water flow: thanks to its 75 GDP membrane and 3/8” tubing.
  • High capacity deposit: 3.2 gallon water tank.
  • Safety system: Accurate and proven leak detect­ion system WATER STOP and a pressure regulator for devices with booster pump.
  • Antibacterial tubing: Prevents the proliferat­ion of bacteria. Certified by SGS.
  • European certi­ficate of conformity