Lamelas de Hidro-Water en Smagua 19

Los módulos lamelares son uno de los equipos que puede ver en exposición en el Stand de Hidro-Water de la Feria Smagua 19

Entre el 5 y el 7 de febrero estamos en Zaragoza para mostrarle las lamelas y otras innovaciones y productos que desarrollamos en el tratamiento industrial y doméstico del agua.

Los módulos lamelares que puede ver en exposición aceleran la sedimentación de partículas gracias a lamelas en forma de tubos hexagonales independientes

La sedimentación es el proceso unitario más utilizado para realizar la separación sólido-líquido. Si aplicamos los módulos lamelares AP, formados por multitud de lamelas o tubos de forma hexagonal independientes, se aumenta la superficie específica provocando la sedimentación acelerada de las partículas.

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Present at the Swimming Pool & Wellness 2017 fair

Hidro-Water was present in the last edition international fair of Swimming Pools & Wellness Barcelona 2017 celebrated from the 17th to 20th October, which was held at the Gran Via exhibition centre in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat and was organized by Fira de Barcelona with the collaboration of the ASOFAP.

A complete success!

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New water softener CURVE, the best design in less space

Curve is the most eff­­icient water sof­tener which sof­tens tap water for the benef­it of your hygiene, cleaning and the well-functioning of your house appliances. With an easy installation and a low salt consumpt­ion, this device prevents from any future faults and troubles due to lime deposits, while supplying a sof­ter and lighter water to your house. For both domestic and professional use, Curve is the perfect complement that eliminates forever the lime in your life and your work.

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Compact drinking water plants developed by Hidro-Water S.L.

Hidro-Water S.L. through their industrial department, designed and manufactured three compact drinking water plants with 100m3/h, 120m3/h and 160 m3/h of capacity, for the physical-chemical processing, decantation, filtration and clarification treatment for superficial water from an artificial lake. This plant will help to maintain the lakes, preventing the water to stagnate and keeping it clean and free from odours for the enjoyment of its citizens.

KALYS the new osmosis equipment launched by Hidro-Water S.L.

Kalys is a reverse osmosis equipment that will revolutionize water consumption at home, improving the quality of life and well-being of your family. Its compact size allows you to install it in tight spaces and its benefits go far beyond what you could expect: NANOSILVER technology, high water flow, easy installation and maintenance …, these and many more are the advantages of our KALYS equipment, find out more.

HIDRO-WATER S.L. committed to education

Hidro-Water S.L. has taken part in the celebration of the Master in Engineering of Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Recycling taught by AIDIMME (Instituto Tecnológico Metalmecánico, Mueble, Madera y Afines) with the collaboration of Universidad Católica de Valencia. During this Master students visited Hidro-Water S.L. facilities, where they could learn about our MBR technology for biological wastewater treatment. Read more