High power LED lamps with PAR56-standard power, compatible with all 300-W pool projectors on the market. Patented concept.

The RAINBOW POWER (colour LED) and DIAMOND POWER (white LED) models are equipped with high power LED of the latest technology, providing an exceptional luminous flow.

The lamps are available in 6-LED or 12-LED versions for the white range and in 12-LED for the colour range. They remain synchronized on the frequency of the electrical network.

For RAINBOW POWER colour versions, the 3 base colours are integrated on the different LEDs and offer a perfect mix of colors. A range of 10 different colours offered in fixed or animated patterns, or even fading, depending on the selected program.

High quality LEDS OSRAM LED.

DIAMOND LAMP (white light):

  • 6-LEDs or 12-LEDs version.
  • Projector 100% resin coated and totally waterproof.

RAINBOW LAMP (colour light):

  • 10 fixed colours
  • 5 programs to choose
  • To change the colour or sequence, press START/STOP on the power switch in manual mode.
  • The change procedure requires the switch to be pressed for less than 1 second.
  • An optional remote control + BPL module kit can be used to change the programs (BPL = broadband over powerline) or simply ON/OFF.


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