MCB+ pump serie


Self-priming MCB+ filtration pumps for swimming pools with a very high hydraulic efficiency, are ultra-silent and have a low consumption.

Made with high quality materials, they are compatible with saltwater.

Monobloc pumps with a pre-filter that has a very fine mesh, to capture more efficiently the smallest impurities. The pre-filter is covered with a transparent lid which can be easily removed.

The noise level of the MCB+ pump is low-medium and will not disturb your surroundings. Its use is recommended for volumes of water between 20 to 70 m³ of average or in non-intensive operations.

Characteristics of MCB+ pumps:

  • Power supply from 0,33 to 1,5 CV.
  • High hydraulic performance.
  • Ultra-silence pump.
  • Single-phase and three-phase power supply.
  • Pre-filter: basket covered by transparent lid easy to unscrew.
  • Stainless steel shaft, fully covered.
  • Encapsulated motor: resin iP55 F-Class.
  • Stainless steel screws and bolts.
  • Compatibility with salt water and seawater treatments.
  • Connection included of 1 ½” (50mm diameter).
  • Acceptable temperature of the liquid: + 5 ° C to 50 ° C.
  • Ambient temperature up to 40 ° C.
  • In single-phase: built-in thermal protection.
  • 5-year warranty on the engine and 2 years on the pump, except lid and condenser


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