Degasser for removing atmospheric CO2 or highly volatile substances. The equipment consists of a degassing column of GRP, PP or other materials, filler or contact bed, low pressure fan and optionally a water storage tank. Carbon dioxide is removed by passing the water through the bed of plastic material and high surface area, which is forced onto a large counter current flow of air at low pressure. The presence of carbon dioxide in the water adversely affects processes for obtaining high quality water, such as the Mixed Beds or EDI. Pre-treatment facilities of R.O. acidification is used for pH correction producing carbon dioxide passing through the membranes. In the decarbonation with ion exchange resins conferring carbon dioxide to water occurs an acid pH. In demineralization carbon dioxide produced by the cation column makes over dimension of strong anion columns with consequent increased consumption of regenerating. Standard equipment ranging from 3 m3/h to 80 m3/h. For higher flow rates, please consult our technical department.