Salt chlorinator SSC serie


Salt chlorinators SSC serie, are an alternative means of sanitizing your pool with chlorine using the process of electrolysis.

The electrolysis process is carried out when the salt water solution passes through the electrolytic cell, which converts sodium chloride (salt) in the water into chlorine gas which, when dissolved in water becomes sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine).

Safe and respecting the environment, this technology brings you:

  1. Comfort: your pool is automatically disinfected.
  2. Safety: reduction in chlorine storage and handling.
  3. Cleanness: clean, safe and crystal-clear water.
  4. Health and well-being: therapeutic, saltwater does not irritate eyes and dry out skin.

Main features:

  • 2 models to choose: 25/45 g/h
  • Self-cleaning reverse polarity
  • Quality titanium cells
  • Protection degree IPX4
  • Maximum working pressure: 250kPa/36psi/2,5 Bar
  • Power supply: 240V-50 60Hz

The following aspects must be taken into account in order to choose the most suitable chlorinator:

  • Swimming pool size
  • Bather load
  • Size and efficiency of the filtration system
  • Weather conditions


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