QUIMHIDRO glass media filter


Quimhidro Hi-Tech glass filter media is a glass-based filter media developed with MC2© technology. Quimhidro is used to replace the conventional filter media, such as silica. Only Quimhidro offers a 10-year Quality Guarantee.

It is a recycled glass highly resistant to erosion, and greatly reduces chemical contaminants.

The ultra-smooth surface of the particles of recycled glass prevents the proliferation of bacteria and algae which cause the filtration media to become caked and unusable.

It is a recycled glass with aseptic characteristics that helps to reduce the chloramine levels in water.

Great positive effect against calcareous accumulations, thus achieving a uniform filtration.

Advantages of Quimhidro:
• Maximum lifespan.
• Minimum consumption of chemicals, water and energy.
• Ideal filtering quality.
• Pressure loss is practically negligible.
• Maximum hygiene: it is an antiseptic that does not generate biofilm.
• It avoids matting.
• Same kind of grain for any filter size, REUSABLE (after repairing filter).


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