Hidro-Water, S.L. It is one of the Spanish leaders company in the manufacture and distribution of equipment for water treatment, which operates in three areas: Residential Division, Industrial Division and Pool Division.

Our organization is designed to meet the needs of our customers by providing effective and innovative solutions in the field of water treatment in both fields, domestic and industrial

Since it was created in 1996, the company has always maintained a leading position as a result of ongoing R&D and acquired knowledge over the years.

At present, the company is in the process of international expansion, being present in over 20 countries.


- People

In Hidro-Water, S.L. we know that people are our greatest asset. Therefore, we promote professional development and integration of each of the members of the company. We promote teamwork and a positive environment which allows us to obtain better results.

- Leadership

Experience, knowledge and ability to adapt to market changes are the values that allow Hidro-Water, S.L. to maintain its leadership position.

- Customer engagement

Our commitment is based on continuous improvement of our products ensuring our customers the best quality, best service and satisfy their expectations.


We understand that customer loyalty must be based on the quality of our products, services and processes.

We are always in a process of continuous improvement in pursuit of excellence, which has allowed us to obtain the ISO 9001/2008 certificate again, thus confirming our commitment to quality.