Membrane Bioreactor

Membrane process in activated sludge:

The advanced membrane bioreactor for treating municipal and industrial water is the key technology for recycling and reuse of waste water for industrial and domestic use. The effluent has a low level of suspended solids, bacteria, viruses and a high retention of trace elements. As a result, the system is the perfect choice when the download is made in environmentally sensitive areas.

Our experience:

The latest developments of the MEMPURE new generation membranes are more productivity with less cost. Our company Hidro-Water S.L. has also improved the membrane biorreactors. Both factors allows us to implement this system in a wider range of applications related to waste water treament.

Our long professional experience is a guarantee for our costumers. We design and manufacture new MBR plants as well as improve the capacity and perfomance of already existing ones.

Our values:

  • Supply of cassettes and membranes with different capacity range.
  • Design and supply of membrane reactors with all the necessary equipment for implamentation.
  • Standard designs and personalize models on request.
  • Plannnig of pilot plants in a containers for the study of industrial waster water.
  • Improvement and development of MBR systems by our R&D department.

Advantages of MBR compered to conventional activated:

Improves the efficiency of waste water treatment by:
  • The separation of activated sludge through membrane, ensures a higher quality of treated water, free from suspended solids.
  • The membrane’s high retention level, allows it to work with high concentrations of sludge.
  • Due to the uniform distribution of the membrane’s pores, the permeability is higher as well as the stability of pollutant discharghing.
Decrease of the required working area:
  • Its high performance reduces considerably the volume of biological reactors.
  • Elimination of secondary clarifier.