A selection of the most important projects of Hidro-Water’s engineering department in the area of MBR equipment.

Activated sludge membrane process:
MBR membrane bioreactors are advanced systems for wastewater treatment. It is the key technology for the recycling and reuse of wastewater for industrial and domestic use.
The effluent is characterised by a low level of suspended solids, bacteria, viruses as well as the retention of micropollutants, making it an ideal system for direct discharge into environmentally sensitive areas.

Our experience:
The new generation of more productive and less expensive MEMPURE membranes together with the latest advancesin membrane bioreactors developed by Hidro-Water S.L.U, allow the system to be applied for a wide range of solutions.
Our valuable experience gained in recent years is an added value: together with our customers, we design new plants and modify existing plants to increase their performance.

Our values:

  • Supply of membranes and membrane cassettes for a wide range of cases.
  • Design and supply of membrane reactors including all equipment necessary for operation.
  • Standard designs and special models on request.
  • Containerised pilot plant designs for study in industrial waters.
  • Improvement of the MBR system by our R+D+I department.

Advantages of MBR over conventional activated sludge systems:

  • MBR technology improves the efficiency of wastewater treatment.
  • By separating the activated sludge with membranes, a higher quality of treated water free of suspended solids is ensured.
  • Thanks to the retention of the membranes, it works with high sludge concentrations, thus obtaining higher performance.
  • Due to the uniform distribution of pores in the membrane, the permeability is better and the membrane is more stable against discharges with a high pollution load.
Reduction of the required surface area:
  • The high purification efficiency reduces the volume of the biological reactors.
  • Elimination of the secondary settling tank.