HVAC 2019 Optimism

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Last March the 1st has finished the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Exhibition HVAC, C & R 2019, in  Madrid. There have been four very satisfying days for Hidro-Water. We have strengthened the trust with our customers, we have made new contacts and we have confirmed the great interest that exists in our equipment exhibited at the Fair, where the Reverse Osmosis ZENIT and the CURVE softener have shined with their own bright light.


According to the organization, this year the number of visitors has increased by 9.7% compared to 2017. There have been 54,781 professionals from 88 countries. It is a fact that could be checked in our stand, where sometimes we were packed. We should also add that we have felt optimism and good expectations for the future among the many visitors who have come to visit us there in our stand in Hidro-Water.

During these days it has been possible to verify the great effort that Hidro-Water has developed in its domestic water treatment equipment. The revolution represented by the ZENIT reverse osmosis equipment has been obvious to the public. It has been highly valued the little space it occupies, the option to be able to place the equipment both in vertical and horizontal position, no storage deposit, its security devices, the LED system to inform of the equipment current state… A lot of advantages that visitors to our stand have been able to check.

Another avant-garde solution exposed in the stand of Hidro-Water has been the CURVE softener system. Its small dimensions have interested many professionals, who know the machine size problem when installing a water softener. With the CURVE the space is optimized and the equipment dimensions are approximately very similar to a washing machine. A very appropriate solution for our current way of life.


As a summary we conclude with a congratulation to the organization for the success of the Exhibition. Good initiatives and synergies have emerged there, therefore it is possible to expose the commitment of Hidro-Water to quality and innovation in water treatment equipment.