Nanofiltration in container

Nanofiltración-en-Contenedor hidro-water


Containerised “Plug & Play” solution for industrial process water treatment

📍Location: Lybia

📅Year: 2023

🌍Scope: Design, manufacture and commissioning

One of our latest projects, the advanced nanofiltration system with the capacity to treat 120 m³/d of water, was specially designed for a crucial industrial use in Libya.

💧 CHALLENGE AND INNOVATIVE SOLUTION: Our client had a clear objective: to significantly reduce the presence of sulphates, calcium and magnesium (divalent ions) in their industrial process water. To achieve this, we chose nanofiltration technology instead of traditional reverse osmosis, thus optimising the treatment for your specific needs.

WATER SOURCE AND TREATMENT: The treated water comes from a local well, passing through a meticulous pre-treatment process that includes:

  • Roughing filtration by Turbidex.
  • Dosage of antifouling and acid.
  • Microfiltration.

At the heart of the system is our efficient nanofiltration module, housed in a container and capable of processing 5,000 L/h. This system not only meets our customer’s water quality requirements, but also sets a new standard in customised water treatment for industrial applications.

🌟 COMMITMENT TO INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY: At Hidro-Water we are committed to developing water treatment solutions that not only meet the needs of our customers, but also support environmental sustainability. This project is a testament to our innovative and adaptive approach to manufacturing water treatment equipment.

We invite our followers and colleagues to learn more about this exciting project and the possibilities that nanofiltration offers in water treatment. Let’s keep innovating together!

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