New water softener CURVE, the best design in less space

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Curve is the most eff­­icient water sof­tener which sof­tens tap water for the benef­it of your hygiene, cleaning and the well-functioning of your house appliances. With an easy installation and a low salt consumpt­ion, this device prevents from any future faults and troubles due to lime deposits, while supplying a sof­ter and lighter water to your house. For both domestic and professional use, Curve is the perfect complement that eliminates forever the lime in your life and your work.

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Design: Curve water sof­tener has been designed to occupy as little space as possible in your home, allowing you to place it in any available space.


Economic: Curve reduces the need for cleaning products by up to 50% and also has a low salt consumption.


Protection: Sof­tened water avoids lime scale, lengthening the life of pipes and appliances and avoiding costly and troublesome breakdowns.


Cleaning: Sof­tness in clothing and personal hygiene. Used for cleaning, decalcif­ied water makes sanitary ware, taps, showers and dishes look always shiny and new.


User friendly: The resin tank and valve remain separated from the brine tank, allowing an easy assembly and disassembly for a straightforward installation and a quick maintenance.


  • Innovat­ive design: its compact size allows you to install it in a variety of spaces, even under the kitchen worktop.
  • Total control: Digital programmer with multiple programming possibilities that perfectly adapt to the water consumption of your home.
  • Easy installat­ion and maintenance
  • European cert­ificate of conformity
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