Reverse osmosis system 5000 L/h

OSMOSIS-5000LH Hidro Water

Osmosis system with its pre- and post-treatment to treat mains water and produce 5000 L/h

Year: 2021

Location: Barcelona (Spain)

Scope of supply: Design, manufacture and commissioning

Capacity: 5000 L/h

Final application: Process water for the automotive industry

Source of water: Mains water



  • Roughing filtration by means of flint-anthracite filters
  • 25 micron mesh cartridge filtration
  • Dosing of antiscalant
  • Acid dosing
  • Oxygen reducer dosing


  • 1 membrane rack to produce 5 m3/h
  • Displacement and chemical cleaning equipment
  • Conductivity, pH, redox, raw water temperature meter
  • Conductivity meter for permeate water


  • Remineralisation
  • Accumulation tank
  • Pressure group to consumption point