Ultrafiltration and ammonium removal 12m3/d in container


Year: 2015

Location: Barcelona, España

Scope of supply: design, manufacture and starting

Capacity: 6 – 12 m3/d

Final application: removal of ammonium wastewater from a sewage treatment plant

– Chemical treatment
– Roughing filtration through filter bed
– Filtration mesh
– Microfiltration

Ultrafiltration system:
– 1 rack ultrafiltration membranes of hollow fiber 24 m3/d
– Chemical dousing system for MC
– Backwash system and chemical cleaning

Ammonium removal system:
– Ammonium removal equipment
– Regeneration system

Auxiliary equipment:
– Raw water storage tank
– Pump supply to ultrafiltration system
– Ultrafiltered water storage tank
– Pump supply to ammonium removal system
– Ammonium free water storage tank
– Equipped container