Stand hidro water fluxtek europe aquatech amsterdam 2021


3 daysn and a half to enjoy the reunion of the water industry sector.
hidro water y fluxtek europe en aquatech amsterdam 2021

Hidro-Water, together with Fluxtek Europe, has again participated in Europe’s largest water treatment equipment exhibition, Aquatech Amsterdam 2021. It has been a pleasure to meet again with the sector to analyse the “state of art” of the industry, the options for the future, advances and setbacks. All this in a week of 4 days, so we can say that we have squeezed the time to the maximum to get the most out of the meeting. Here are some photos of the event to remember:

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, here we want you to show you  the good feelings that our presence at this extraordinary event has generated in us. We hope you like it and that it can summarize as much as possible what it has meant for us to be in Aquatech Amsterdam 2021.

Best People Hidro Water and Fluxtek Europe at Aquatech Amsterdam