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Do you know that you no longer need to dose chlorine to keep the pool water crystal clear? Thanks to the Salt chlorinator from Hidro-Water

A pool with a saline chlorine means less skin and eye irritation after leaving the water, gives greater buoyancy, generates less wrinkles on wet skin, and the usual smell from a chlorine pool vanishes because salt chlorinator of Hidro-Water destroys the chloramines that generate it.
There is also a considerable saving in the consumption of disinfectant product because the Sal - Chlorine - Salt cycle is repeated over and over again, and salt only must be replenished with the addition of new water to the pool.


Chlorine solves 3 problems of the pool water:

. disinfects (eliminates bacteria and germs),

. oxidizes (precipitating contaminants when filtering),

. prevents the growth of algae.

In exchange for?   The 3 problems that chlorine generates are:

. strong and unpleasant smell,

. irritation of skin and eyes,

. possible lung diseases and other allergic reactions.

The salt chlorinator of Hidro-Water  is an option that needs less water renewal and is more beneficial to health than chlorine. The technical process of how a salt chlorinator works is based on an electrolytic cycle through which common salt (Sodium Chloride) is separated into chlorine and sodium separately. Next the solar action combines them to start the cycle again. The user, however, only has to worry about adding salt to the pool when new water is added

Advantages of Saline Chlorination

1. Health

There are many medical studies that relate bronchitis, asthma and other pulmonary diseases with the combined chlorine (chloramines) that you can breathe in swimming pools. The system of disinfection by saline chlorination generates, in the production cell, a hyperchlorination that destroys these chloramines.

2. Comfort

The biggest difficulty in maintaining a private pool is usually to control the chlorine level correctly, with all the manipulations involved, such as buying the product, storing it, dosing it and checking it. Without forgetting that it is a volatile product and in liquid state loses properties (concentration), with the passage of the days from its manufacture.

The bath in a pool with a Salt Chlorinator from Hidro-Water is more comfortable, provides the swimmer with greater buoyancy, lower osmotic pressure with which it takes more time for the skin to wrinkle, and does not irritate eyes and mucous membranes as other disinfection systems.

3. Easy to use

The chlorinators are automatic, electronically operated in conjunction with the filter. Some models allow self-control of production, the need for chlorine from the pool, the need for water purification, pH regulation, lights, temperature, cover, save the water analysis of the pool in the cloud ( to read, download or consult), read the values ​​in real time and control the pool from a distance.

4. Security

Reducing the need for chemicals in the pool is the best way to reduce accident risks in it. The risk of burns and poisonings is considerably reduced by not handling some of the products that, by contact or mixing, can cause these and other accidents.

5. Economy

Although it is true that initially the investment of a salt chlorinator is usually higher than in a pool that does not carry it, the costs are reduced by not having to buy chlorine. In addition, less pH regulator is used since the chlorine generated by salt chlorination does not modify the pH. Less anti-algae, less stabilizers and less water renewals are needed.

Well-matched couples with the salt chlorinator

– PH regulator

The regulator keeps the pH level constant spending exclusively the product that is necessary for it. This allows us to have comfortable baths and maintain the effectiveness of disinfection in optimal condition.

– Rx regulator

The Rx regulator is a controller that can be internal or external, depending on the chlorinator model. It allows the chlorination equipment to be even more efficient. This controller shuts off the salt chlorinator when it is not necessary to produce more chlorine (when the pool is not used, when the water is cold…)

– Cristal Water Quimhidro

The use of this revolutionary filter bed in the pool is ecological, economical and safe. The main advantages of this product are:

QUIMHIDRO glass media filter

. Economic: for its long duration it is cheaper than conventional filtering media. The flint, which in a private pool is usually changed every 5-7 years, in the life of 1 load of Cristal Water Quimhidro , it would have been changed at least 14 times. If the filter is repaired, the same load can be reused. The superior quality of filtration with Cristal Water Quimhidro  reduces the daily hours necessary in the filtration of a pool.

. Ecological: keeping the open filtration channels only needs a granulometry, regardless of the filter size. It reduces the pressure needs of the pump because it generates less loss of load, which means less Kw/h of electrical consumption due to reduction of filtering time, or reduction of pump speed. Guarantees at least (usually much more depending on which bed is compared) 35% less need for washes so it reduces the need for water. By not generating Biofilm in the bed drastically reduces the needs of chemical product in the pool. The direct savings in chemical product in the pool are: Algicide = 10% / Chlorine = 30% / reg. pH = 40% / Coagulant-Flocculant = 60%. With salt chlorination, when reducing the needs for water contributions, salt contributions are also reduced in percentage.

. Insurance: filter repairs are no longer an accident risk because Cristal Water Quimhidro It does not puncture or cut like the rest of the glasses in the market.

. Maintenance: Cristal Water Quimhidro from Hidro-Water does not require any maintenance by itself for life,  in addition to reducing the need for maintenance of other equipment in the pool thanks to its high performance. There is no need for filter bed changes in the filters, so these maintenance costs are also saved in the cost of operating the pool.

Formatos y Gama de Productos

Among the range of Chlorinators offered by Hidro-Water we can find:

–        SSC Series: basic residential line with productions from 25 to 45 gr / h.

–        Residential Neosal series : mid-range productions from 16-33 g / h.

–        Industrial Neosal series : mid-range productions from 50 to 500 gr / h.

–        Aquarite HC LS: luxury range in low salinity with productions from 40 to 400 gr / h

SSC series

Production of 25 or 45 gr / h. With production control by activation time, it automatically performs cell polarity inversions to reduce the impact of calcareous incrustations in the cell. It allows winter mode to save energy. Its LED self-diagnosis system gives us immediate information on the status of the equipment.

ARMARIO-DE-CONTROL-clorador salino hidro-water

Residential Neosal

Equipment with productions of 16, 22 and 33 gr/h midrange, intended for use in private residential pools. The production is gradual showing on the touch screen the information in real time of the device. It has a cover sensor input that reduces production when the pool is not in use. The regulation is done in gr/h.

Power supply: 230 V 50/60 Hz. • Salinity from 3gr / L to sea water. • Display: 1.44 “full color TFT removable for remote installation. • Dimensions: 270 x 220 x 115 mm. • Black ABS fireproof plastic electronic box. • Blue ABS plastic protection cover. • Control: 16-bit microprocessor. • Production regulation: Amperage + Voltage. • Programmable self-cleaning from 1 to 24 hours. • Flow control: Gas sensor. • Production control: gr / h. • Alarms: Lack of flow, Memory error … • Optional: Mechanical flow sensor.

Neosal industrial

Mid-range equipment – high production. With characteristics very similar to domestic Neosal, but with productions 50 – 85 – 125 -175 – 250 – 350 -500 gr/h

Saline electrolysis of great capacity. Self-cleaning cell by polarity reversal. • Monitoring of the useful life of the cell. • Adapted to communal swimming pools up to 1000 m3. • Salinity from 3g/L of salt water to seawater. • Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz. • Paddle flow control. • Production control: gr/h. • Microprocessor: 32 bits. • Production regulation by voltage/current control. • Alarms: Low salinity, lack of flow and memory error. • Maximum pressure: 4 bars. • Maximum temperature: 45ºC. • Estimated cell life: 7000h. – Guaranteed 5000h.


Aquarite HC LS

Luxury range equipment.Low salinity equipment. More respectful with the environment, more protective with the pool because the low salinity of the water lengthens the life of the metallic elements of the pool. It diminishes the salt needs of the pool because it generates other types of disinfectants besides chlorine, making disinfection more effective, even against chlorine-resistant bacteria.

Saline electrolysis of large capacity coupled to a control box of pool equipment. • Control of pool equipment: filtration, lights, temperature and 4 supplementary equipment. • Remote management (Wi-fi) optional, monitoring and remote control of the pools. Includes data logger one month. • Self-cleaning cell by polarity reversal. • Monitoring of the useful life of the cell. • Less salt is used: salinity from 1.5 g/L. • Less oxidant for metallic elements of the pool. • Power: 230 V 50Hz. • Paddle flow control. • Production control: Voltage/Intensity. • Alarms: pH/Deposit/Low Salt. • 3 relays with power 110-230V: pH/AUX1/AUX2. • 4 programmable auxiliary outputs: Filter/Lighting/AUX3/AUX4. • Maximum pressure: 4 bars. • Maximum temperature: 45ºC. • Options: Salinity/Conductivity under express manufacture. • Modular options: pH/Redox/Chlorine/Wifi.

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Author of the article: Javi Durá, Swimming Pool Departament from Hidro-Water