World Recycling Day 2022


World Recycling Day is a reminder of the following:

Climate change is here to stay and we have to assume that the resources in our hand today may be scarce in the future.

However, we know that all is not lost, and that we have to learn to cope with this paradigm shift. The 3Rs rule, thanks to its simplicity, helps us to remember the actions we can take to reduce our impact on the environment.

They are:




To these three pillars of recycling, we add 2 new concepts: Rethink and REFILL
By following these simple principles, we not only restore as little damage to the environment as possible, but also achieve economic and social benefits.

Hidro-Water, as a company that designs and manufactures water treatment equipment, is aware that the circularity of water is a key element for the stability of the industrial environment. Our main objective in this respect is to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of water,and to achieve more effective methods for water reuse and purification.

The 3Rs rule, although naïve, are of vital importance to our industry. Spain is a country that in the long term will be severely affected by drought and therefore the use of reclaimed water is becoming more and more urgent. At Hidro-Water we know that one of the possible actions to curb the effects of inclement weather is, among other factors, the reuse of resources, as well as their recycling. We know that this is the development path of the new economic model that seeks to reduce and adapt to the effects of climate change while conserving available resources. Hidro-Water adapts to this new model driven by supranational organisations, and we embrace their goal of extending the life cycle of goods and resources and returning them to the environment in an optimal state.

At Hidro-Water we know that sustainability is not an empty word, because we are talking about our most vital asset: water.