DLG decanters

DLG lamellar decanters are suitable to separate large amounts of suspended solids, filtering larger flows and smaller footprint than conventional sedimentation, and providing higher efficiency. Decanter is designed for treatment of drinking water and mounted in sea container for transportation. Four areas are distinguished: • Inlet area: A pipe evenly distributes the previously flocculated water to lamellar module. • Settling area: It is composed of lamellar modules with 60º inclination. • Sludge area: Lower settling zone where the sediment particles are accumulated. Equipped with outlet system for purging. • Accumulation area: Accumulation tank with overflowing clarified water that overflows from the settling area. Standard models with capacities ranging from 16 m3/h to 80 m3/h, calculated with upward water speed equal to 0.8 m/h.

Code: DLG-0201/03/05/07/11/13/15